Breakfast Buffet

Served to 50 or more Guest at $19.50 per person

Choice of three Assorted Chilled Juices

Ambrosia Salad ● Waldorf Salad ● Fresh Seasonal Fruit ● Jello Mold

Choice of Three:

Eggs Benedict ● Eggs Florentine ● Eggs a la Robert ● Scrambled Eggs ● Chorizo & Eggs
Corned Beef Hash ● Ham ● Bacon ● Sausage Crapes ● Cheese Blintzes

Choice of One:
Home Fried Potatoes, Potatoes O’Brien or Refried Beans

Choice of Two:
Beagles with Cream Cheese, Danish, Muffin, Flour or Corn Tortillas

Coffee ● Tea  ● Milk

(One Gallon is Approximately 25 Servings)

Fresh Brewed Coffee or Decaf
Per Gallon $23.95
Tea ● Iced Tea ● Iced Coffee
Per Gallon $23.95
Orange Juice ● Tomato Juice ● V-8 Juice
Per Gallon $23.95
Soft Drinks each
Each $2.95
Assorted Sweet Rolls (Mini Danish)
Per Dozen $24.95
Assorted Cookies
Per Dozen $21.95
Per Dozen $21.50
Fresh Seasonal Fruits
Per Tray $86.95

Buffet (Served to 50 or More Guests)

All Buffets Come with Rice Pilaf or Potato ●  Latin Touches Come with Spanish Rice & Beans
Coffee ● Tea ● Milk

Dessert Carousel additional $1.75 per person

Special Lite Lunch

(20 guest or more)
Choice of One Entrée
Choice of Four Salads


Choice of Two Entrées
Choice of Four Salads


Choice of Three Entrées
Choice of Eight Salads

 Buffet Entrees

Sauteed Breast of Chicken


Marinara Sauce, Tomato, Garlic and Parsley


Mushrooms, Onions and Wine Sauce


With Chef’s Special Teriyaki Sauce


Topped with Almonds


Beef Bourguignonne

Sautéed with Muchrooms and Wine Sauce

Beef Kabob

Tender pieces of beef served with bell peppers and onions

Potted swiss steak

Baked in Vegetable Sauce

Baron of beef

Optionally Carved to Order Additional Charge $1.50 per person

Prime Rib

Optionally Carved to Order Additional Charge $1.50 Per Person

Sliced triangles of beef

Optionally Carved to Order Additional Charge $1.50 Per Person

Latin Touch

Steak Picado

With Bell Pepper, Onions and Tomatoes

Chicken Fajitas

With Peppers and Onion

Beef fajitas

With Peppers and Onions


Roasted Pork with Cilantro, Onions and Salsa


Beef Enchiladas

Beef, Cheese and Special Sauce

Chicken enchiladas

Chicken, Cheese and Special Sauce

Cheese enchiladas

Cheese and Special Sauce

Italian Touch

veal parmigiana

Meat Sauce and Meted Mozzarella Cheese


With Meat Sauce

Lasagna Florentine



Marinara Sauce


Meat Sauce and Ricotta Cheese


Meat Sauce Three Cheese Cream Sauce

Angel Hair Pasta

Tomato, Garlic, Parley and Onion

Chicken Angel Hair Pasta

Marinara Sauce

Salads & Starches

Mixed Green Salad

Caesar Salad

Spinach Salad

Cobb Salad

Seafood Pasta Salad

Potato Salad

Mexican Ceasar

Rice Pilaf

Garlic Mash

Macaroni & Cheese

Cole Slaw

Italian Pasta Salad

Assorted Cheeses

Assorted Cold Cuts

Relish Tray


Salad Fruit Tray



Selection A

Nacho Station (Chips, Salsa and Guacamole)
Chicken Buffalo Wings
Swedish Meatballs
Fresh Fruit
$12.95 Per Person

Selection C

Mushrooms and Crab
Swedish Mushrooms
Nacho Station (Chips, Salsa and Guacamole)
Chicken Quesadilla Rolls
Fresh Vegetables with Dip
Fresh Fruit
Cheese & Crackers
$18.25 Per Person

Selection B

Nacho Station (Chips, Salsa and Guacamole)
Fresh Vegetables with Dip
Fruit Platter
Chicken Quesadilla Rolls
Assorted Cheese
$15.95 Per Person

Selection D

Chicken Drummetts
Mini Qusadillas
Chicken Fingers
Antipasto Skewers
Fresh Vegetables with Dip
Assorted Cheeses
Nacho Station (Chips, Salsa and Guacamole)
$19.25 Per Person



Hor d’ oeuvres

Price Per 100 Pieces


Deviled Eggs $78.00
Stuffed Celery & Cream Cheese $78.00
Assorted Canapés $138.00
Antipasto Skewer $138.00
Shrimp $230.00
Crab Claws $169.00
Fresh Vegetables with Dip (per tray) $97.00
Assorted Finger Sandwiches (pert tray) $138.00
Assorted Cheeses (per tray) $138.00
Large Tray of Tossed Chips and Dips (Choice of two: Guacamole, Cheese, Bean or Salsa) $54.00
Fresh Seasonal Fruits $97.00
Deli Roulades (Beef, Turkey and Ham) $138.00
Salami Horns with Herbed Cream Cheese $97.00


Mushrooms Stuffed with Crab Meat $169.00
Fan-tailed Fried Shrimp $199.00
Rumaki $121.00
Swedish Meatballs $97.00
Chicken Drummettes $97.00
Cocktail Franks $66.00
Pigs in a Blanket $102.00
Lemon Parmesan Artichoke Hearts $102.00
French-Fried Zucchini $78.00
Pizza Egg Rolls $54.00
Egg Rolls $109.00
Fried Wontons $54.00
Vegetables Tempura $54.00
Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp $235.00
Chicken Fingers $114.00

Carved To Order

Barons of Beef (Serves 10 to 125 Guests) $351.00
Turkey Breast (Serves 50 Guests) $109.00
Honey-Glazed Ham (Serves 50 Guests) Includes Condiments, Rolls and Butter $109.00


Mixed Nuts (per pound) $21.00
Pretzels (per pound) $15.00
Potato Chips (per bowl) $15.00
Pastry Display (per tray) $15.00

Banquet Specials Managers Choice

Hor d’ oeuvres Station

Chips and Salsa
Vegetables with Dips
Caesar Salad or Green House Salad
Sliced Sirloin and Chicken Breast combination
Served with Fresh vegetables and garlic mash potatoes
Dessert: Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Ice Cream Sundaes
Coffee and Iced Tea
$34.00 Complete
All inclusive (tax and tip included)
Not Valid on Saturdays

Classy Evenings

Hor d’ oeuvres Station

Chips and Salsa
Vegetables with Dips
Buffalo wings
Shrimp Scampi, New York Steak and Chicken Breast combination
all on one plate served with rice pilaf and fresh vegetables.
One bottle of house red and white wine per table
Coffee and Iced Tea
Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Ice Cream Sundaes
$42.00 Complete
All inclusive (tax and tip included)